Customer talks

Dear customer

What could be more honest and informative than customers telling you about their personal experiences with laulas®?

Since laulas® was founded, I have always listened carefully to our customers. With praise, criticism, suggestions....
I would like to reproduce these "conversations" here - completely anonymously, of course - for your information. Thematically structured, you will be led directly to your interest via the respective link.

Whatever questions you may have
- concrete application questions
- How do others use laulas®?
- clarify uncertainties
- Search for trust

You will find the good old mouth-to-mouth advertising here - unadulterated.

If you have any questions for me personally, I look forward to your mail

My parcel has not yet arrived

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Unfortunately, the shirts have still not arrived. According to the parcel tracking system, the parcel has been at the parcel centre since 04.12. !!!! in the parcel centre. I ordered them on 01.12.2014. As this was supposed to be a Christmas present, it would be great if it could still be delivered in time.

Good evening
This parcel has been on the way for a long time... Can we ask you to ask your post office where the parcel is with the consignment number XXXX?
They can call it up directly and tell you more information about the whereabouts of the parcel.
As it is very important to us to satisfy our customers, we will send you the same order again, then it should work out for Christmas.
Attached you will find a free return slip to our German shipping department, to which you can then send one of the items back to us.

(the first parcel turned up at the post office shortly afterwards (Christmas post stress) and the customer sent our 2 "safety delivery" back to us free of charge).

Can the pads be washed?

Good day,
I would like to know if the soothers can be washed or do they lose their function?

Dear laulas® customer,

The pads cannot be washed. They are intended for single use. Depending on the amount of perspiration and odour, they can also be worn for 2 days.
The absorbent pads are made of cellulose with a special absorber inside. This absorbs the sweat and seals it in. When washed, the absorbent pads would largely dissolve.

Yours, Gerhard Goss

Are soaker pads supplied?

Hello, I am considering buying a Laulas® T-shirt.

Unfortunately, it is not clear from the website what the scope of delivery is. Are sweat pads already included with the T-shirt or would I have to order them separately? And if they are included, how many? Thank you very much

Hello Mr ....,

We include 4 samples of the absorbent pads with every new customer so that you can test how well laulas® helps with excessive underarm perspiration. Simple paper handkerchiefs (Tempo are the best) also serve this purpose. However, they are not as absorbent and not as comfortable as the absorbent pads.

So you can test it at your leisure without any extra costs when you place your first order.

Kind regards 
Gerhard Goss

Can you buy laulas in a shop?

is it possible to drop by your mail order shop at certain times and buy in shop?

Dear laulas® customer,

laulas® can only be bought on the internet. Our mail order department in Switzerland and Germany has no possibility to sell you laulas®. 
Exchanges are no problem at all. 
Tip: Measure your current favourite vest and compare it with our size chart. This is the right choice in 99% of the cases.  

Click here for the measurement chart.

Your Gerhard Goss 

Will my exchange shirt be sent immediately?

Thank you for the quick reply,
I just took the envelope with your return note to the post office.
Will the new shirt be charged directly?

Hello Ms ....,

Yes, we always send the exchange shirt immediately and do not wait for your return. So you should have your new laulas® in your letterbox tomorrow.

sunny greetings
Petra Corte

Please exchange

Dear Sir or Madam,

My order included a size XXL vest.
I would like to exchange it for the same size XL.

Can you send me more information about this - Thank you very much.

Hello Mr ....

That is no problem at all.
Attached you will find a return note for a free return to our German shipping department. We will immediately send you a new laulas® in size XL white.

Thank you very much and kind regards from Switzerland
Gerhard Goss