Anti-sweat shirt With additional protection
In the laulas® anti-sweat shirt you can - if required - insert additional absorbent pads in the integrated changing pockets - for the big sweat stains
If you suffer from underarm sweat, then wear laulas ® To the Shop

Never stressed by sweat again thanks to laulas®!

Life could be so beautiful – if only nobody knew that you are sweating terribly... Don't worry: thanks to laulas®-functional underwear, nobody notices. Laulas® is guaranteed to work, without intervention in the body. Developed by affected persons.

Your stress with ugly sweat stains in the armpits is over. laulas® already provides affected persons in more than 30 countries new quality of life. laulas® also protects you against embarrassments. Make use of this unique innovation! You will lift your arms again without fear, give lectures confidently oder go to a rendezvous.

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No more sweat stains – we promise No more sweat stains – we promise No more sweat stains – we promise laulas prevents the sweat stains in your armpits in even the most stressful situations. Choose between standard and EXTREME – depending on your personal amount of sweat. Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer them under
30-day-testing period free of risk 30-day-testing period free of risk 30-day-testing period free of risk Take your time for testing your laulas in peace. We will take it back within 30 days if you are not satisfied – no ifs, no buts (which we do not experience very often)
Without intervention in your body Without intervention in your body the textile solutions from laulas help you immediately! No more sweat stains, no more embarrassing stains due to incontinence. You don't have to interfere with the natural flow of your body
Quality made in Europe Quality made in Europe Our manufacturers from Europe only use high-quality materials. Fabrics made from the finest, durable and comfortable cotton for our functional vests and incontinence pants. For a long service life and high wearing comfort.

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Say goodbye to your sweat stains - without intervention in the body

There are different possibilities to reduce sweat stains caused by underarm sweating - laulas® can do it without interfering in the natural processes of your body.

Sweat has a natural and important cooling function and also provides for purifying of pollutants. Accordingly, sweat should not be "turned off" in order to prevent sweat stains.

For this purpose, the laulas® sweat-shirts were developed - resulting from the own history of sufferingn. With laulas® you immediately prevent your sweat stains in the case of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and your body can continue doing its tasks naturally.

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The new laulas®
offers 4 levels of safety:

Coolmax® - a water-absorbing mesh fabric provides for the quick transport of sweat into the armpit pocket.
Armpit pocket with absorbent pad - the new laulas® absorbent pads with super absorber threads enclose the sweat safely.
Quality Cotton - provides for pleasant wearing comfort and is a natural barrier.
Climate membrane - the applied fluid barrier prevents the leakage of fluid to the outside and thus protects your clothing.

For more than 12 years, many thousands of customers use the laulas® functional under shirt every day. This way, we have collected a great deal of experience and a lot of feedback. Thanks to your collaboration, we were able to further improve the wearing comfort and the performance.