Foot sweat

Anti-odour socks

with patented ventilation system

  • No odour and significantly reduced moisture 
  • prevent odour due to incorporated antibacterial silver fibres
  • Italian design with high functionality for your feet
  • 83% polyester made from particularly breathable Coolmax®.

The incorporated silver fibres prevent the odour of your foot sweat and the piqué waistband is finer and more elegant (made without rubber). The anti-odour sock was developed for sports socks by an Italian manufacturer. All his experience has gone into these socks.

What is so special about this invention?
1. there are particularly breathable ventilation slits in the sole of the foot and on the back of the foot. This creates optimal air circulation in combination with the Coolmax ® polyester
2. the sewn-in silver fibres prevent additional odour.

The classic business design in black was designed for men.

Unfortunately, many people know the problem of foul-smelling and at the same time damp socks. Embarrassing and unpleasant, whenever you have to take off your shoes. Whether as a guest at a friend's house, when changing clothes after sport or ...

But sweaty feet can also be a problem for your health. Sweaty feet significantly increase the risk of athlete's foot and warts.

Our anti-odour socks with innovative technology have been specially developed for these problems. The innovative and patented ventilation system significantly reduces sweat and the incorporated silver threads prevent odour.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) exists in many places on the body. Laulas® has specialised in precisely these problem areas with its textile solutions. The soles of our feet have the most sweat glands per cm² of our body.  

Laulas® socks were originally developed by an Italian manufacturer of sports socks. Together with the manufacturer, we have transferred the patented know-how to everyday socks. The Italian design ensures high functionality and a comfortable feeling when worn.

Enjoy the Italian design and the high functionality of our socks!

As with all laulas® products, whether anti-sweat shirt, incontinence pants or night sweat products, you can test your laulas® foot sweat socks for 30 days at your leisure. We will take back your order without any ifs and buts if your expectations are not met.