How I made a virtue out of necessity

meine laulas Geschichte mit Achselschweiss
Are you tired of sweating? I felt the same way. I was thoroughly annoyed. That’s how most people who suffer from underarm sweating feel.

My vicious circle

of stress and sweating is over. But it took an ordeal of 25 years of excessive sweating. During that time I tried everything: running the gauntlet from conventional doctors and homeopaths to a Philippine healer; I tried anti-perspirants, sage teas and cure-alls; I tried chemistry. Nothing helped.

Would surgery help?

This method was never a possibility for me. I had heard too much about the “compensatory sweating.” I knew what an important cooling function sweat has. I pondered the question if my wish of “turn it off” was even the right solution. Maybe this was more about “letting it flow,” accepting the problem…?

And that’s where it went “click!“

An idea was born: “let it flow” (German: “laufen lassen”, shortened to “laulas”) became my motto. Suddenly I knew: I’m going to develop a shirt that will help me – and that will help other afflicted people, too.

Laulas® is the result of my odyssey: The functional undershirt with pockets under your arms for absorption pads and additional protection through membranes. Five years ago I gave up my job as a manager and launched laulas®. Today laulas® helps thousands of people. Laulas®-shirts are already worn in over 30 countries. My colleagues and I consult and serve clients in five different languages.

My own solution has evolved into a solution for many people with axillary hyperhidrosis. I’m very glad you, too, have found our offer.
Please note: I am not a doctor and cannot advise you medically. I can only tell you about my experiences and show you what helped me – that’s not a guarantee it will help you, too.
You decide what’s right for you. Let your doctor support you on this endeavor!
My personal motivation is that many customers enjoy some new quality of life thanks to laulas®. And i am happy to have found a meaningful occupation due to a former problem – quite in the sense of Goethe, who once wrote:

Even the stones that have been placed in one’s path can be made into something beautiful.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
laulas Gründer Gerhard Goss
With best regards

Gerhard Goss