Possibilities without surgical intervention


Deodorants with a higher level of aluminium chloride hexahydrate cause the excretory ducts of the sweat glands to close. I've tried a few, and I've coated my armpits with large amounts.

I wonder if this is so healthy.

It didn't do me any good, as evidenced by redness and constant itching.

Helped? Very limited. The spot under the armpits got smaller, but it was still way too big. However, an acquaintance had very good results with it.


Here, too, I have tried many.

From sage tea (which is recommended on almost every website) to Chinese tea (selected kinesiologically, of course), some of which tasted really awful. But unfortunately they didn't help me.


I have no experience in this area. On the website of www.transpiration.de there is a whole list of possible medicines.

Please always check with your doctor!


Three experienced homeopaths also cut their teeth on me. Unfortunately, no success here either and my sweat continued.

Homeopathy has otherwise always helped me well.

Other possibilities

Alternative therapies and therapists
Tried many. Acupuncture, homeopathy, kinesiology, Filipino healer....
Some have actually reduced the volume flow of sweat somewhat, but nowhere near enough. And I am a convinced user of alternative therapies.

Tap water iontophoresis
Here, a weak direct current is passed through the skin to be treated.
In tap water iontophoresis, a weak direct current (15mA to 30mA) is passed through an area of skin (hands, feet). The treatment effect is based on increasing the stimulus threshold of sweat gland secretion. If you have problems with hand or foot sweat, you can find more information on this topic here and also a provider here. 
I have no personal experience in this area.

Sweat pads
This is the only product that also tries to absorb sweat. But the pads I tried were far from adequate. I sweated through them quickly - and the stains remained. A good solution for small amounts of sweat.

And now?
Still dark stains under the armpits of my t-shirts, my shirts. And still no help. What remedies does modern surgical medicine offer in the fight against my "hyperhidrosis" axillaris", my excessive sweat production in the armpits?

Possibilities with surgical intervention