Methods without surgical intervention


anti-perspirant aganist sweating at laulas
Deodorants with higher levels of Aluminiumchlorid-Hexahydrate close the excretory ducts of our perspiratory glands.

I tried out several and coated my armpits in thick layers.

Was it healthy?

It wasn’t very good for me, since I suffered form redness and constant itchiness.

Did it help? Only a little. The stain under my arm got smaller, but it was still much too big. An acquaintance of mine achieved very good results with it, though.


Tee aganist sweating at laulas
I’ve tried many different kinds of tea, everything from sage tea (recommended on almost every website) to Chinese tea (chosen with applied kinesiology). Some of them tasted really horrible, but sadly they did not help me.


Medikamente und Achselschweiss - ein Erfolg???

I have no experience in this area.
Always speak with your doctor before trying any!


übermässiges Schwitzen und Homöopathie
Three experienced homeopaths have tried to help me. Here, too, there was no success and my problems with sweat continued.
Homeopathy has always helped me with everything else, though.

Alternative therapies and therapists

I’ve tried many. Acupuncture, Homeopathy, applied Kinesiology, a Philippine healer… Some of them actually reduced the amount of  sweat somewhat, but nowhere near enough. And I’m a big fan of using alternative therapies.

Tap water iontophoresis

In this method a medical device is used to pass a mild electrical current (15mA to 30mA) through water and through the skin’s surface. This is usually only done for excessive sweating of your hands or feet. The effectiveness of the treatment comes through raising the stimulus threshold for sweat gland secretion.
I have no personal experience with this method.

Sweat pads

This is the only product to also use the idea of simply catching perspiration. But the pads that I tried were not sufficient. I sweated through them quickly – and the sweat stains remained. It’s still a good solution for small amounts of perspiration.

and then?

There were still dark stains under the arms of my t-shirts, my shirts.

And I still didn’t have a solution.

Which methods does modern surgical medicine provide in the fight against “Hyperhydrosis axillaris,” excessive sweating under the arms?

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