Instant solutions to underarm sweating during puberty

Excessive sweat – no problem

Sweat stains are never pretty. But puberty is already a plenty confusing and strenuous time for young people without having to add underarm sweat. Teenagers are just discovering the other gender and want to be attractive. But exactly during this time many experience excessive sweating, especially on their underarms. The advice that “you’ll outgrow it” isn’t really helpful. Who would want to go to school or to their first date with sweat stains on their clothes?
laulas - without sweat stains thruogh puberty
Teenagers are looking at the world in a new way. They are experiencing their first romantic relationships and not only girls want to look attractive and cared for. Any discrepancy from the norm is unwanted. Pimples and acne are treated aggressively. Excessive sweating during puberty is the last thing they need. There are plenty of suggestions for methods like Botox against underarm sweat or other therapies that intervene directly in the body. These procedures often ignore the fact that the body needs to sweat. With some therapies (extracting the sweat from sweat glands, removing sweat glands, injecting Botox against underarm sweat) one may end up having compensational sweating. This means that he or she may not suffer from excessive underarm sweat there may be more sweat from the head or back.
The functional undershirts from laulas offer an alternative – without any intervention in a teen’s changing body.

I’m fifteen years old and at my age it’s horrible to have something (especially if it’s excessive sweat) that the others don’t have. When I buy clothes I often have to pay attention to the material and I can’t just buy what I like. This puts me under a lot of pressure! But laulas is a great alternative. It doesn’t bother me that you can see the sleeves under some shirts. It helped me tremendously and I can only recommend it!


I bought the shirts and they actually work. They give me self-confidence and most importantly an inner calm, because if you constantly have the feeling that you’re sweating while in a stress situation, you can’t concentrate at all because you always have the feeling that everybody else can see it.

When I wear the shirts I feel more secure and they gave me strength to finish my new trainee program – I might have given up otherwise.

Even though the shirts are kind of expensive I’d like to thank the inventor and fellow-sufferer.


Hi, my name is Kate and I’m fifteen years old and today I wore my first laulas shirt to school and I’ve gotta say, I was really scared that you might see something but nothing happened (Thank God). I’m really happy that I ordered it.
I can only recommend it.


Hello dear reader,
I wore the shirt I ordered from laulas immediately the next day.
I’m a student and have a lot of problems with my sweat. I’ve tried everything, deodorants, teas and antiperspirants. Nothing worked. But the worst part is that I don’t even sweat when I exert myself, only when I’m nervous does it start to flow.
With the laulas shirt I don’t have any stains at all! When I got home and lifted my arm in front of the mirror I was grinning like a maniac. There was nothing to see!
I’m really happy with the shirt. The investment was totally worth it!
I can only recommend it.
Thank you so, so much laulas.


This is how laulas® helps you fight sweat stains

laulas underarm pockets for sweat absobent pads
laulas absorbent pads against underarm sweating
  • the built-in membranes at the armpits serve as a barrier between your sweat and what you’re wearing
  • put laulas® absorbent pads (or tissues) into the integrated pockets at your armpits which will absorb your sweat

The result: No more sweat stains

  • the underarm sweat is absorbed by the pads and remains there
  • the laulas® absorption pads keep the underarm sweat and some of the odor in the pads
  • as an extra layer of security the membranes don’t let anything get out, even if you sweat excessively
laulas functional shirt for men - against underarm sweat - white
underarm sweat is gone with laulas Poloshirt
laulas shirt - without sweat stains - color black

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