Underarm sweat during puberty

Instant help against underarm sweat during puberty

Heavy sweating - no problem

Sweat patches are never pretty. But puberty is a sufficiently confusing and stressful time for boys and girls even without underarm sweat. Young people discover the opposite sex and want to be attractive to it. It is not uncommon for excessive sweating, especially under the armpits, to occur during this difficult time of all times. The advice "it'll wash out" is no real consolation against heavy sweating.

Who likes to go to school or on a first date with sweat stains?

Adolescents experience their environment in a new way. First partnerships are formed and not only girls want to look attractive and well-groomed. Naturally, any deviation from the norm is disturbing. Pimples and acne are fought with aggressive lotions. An increased amount of underarm sweat is absolutely disturbing during puberty. Here, calls for various methods such as Botox against underarm sweat or other therapies that interfere with the body quickly become loud. With these procedures, the benefits that underarm sweat has for the body are easily ignored.

For example, various therapies (sweat gland suction, sweat gland removal, Botox for underarm sweating) can lead to compensatory sweating. This means that you may no longer suffer from excessive underarm perspiration, but you will sweat more on your head or back.

The functional vest from laulas offers an alternative - without interfering with the changing body.


I bought the shirts and they really work. They give me self-confidence and above all inner peace. Because when you feel like you're sweating all the time in a stressful situation, it's very stressful and you can't concentrate properly because you always have the feeling that others might see it.

When you wear the shirts, you feel more confident and they gave me the strength to finish my new training - which I might have finished otherwise. Even though the shirts are relatively expensive, many thanks to the inventor and fellow sufferers. 


Hello dear readers. I put on my shirt, which I ordered from laulas, the very next day. I am a student myself and I really have problems with my sweat. I have tried all sorts of things, deodorants, teas and antiperspirants. None of it has helped. But the worst thing is that I don't even sweat when I'm exerting myself, but when I'm nervous. Then it starts to flow.

With the shirt, I haven't had any stains at all now! I am really happy with the shirt. It was really worth the investment! I can only recommend it. Many thanks to laulas!


Hey, my name is Kate and I'm 15 years old and today I wore my first laulas shirt to school. I have to say I was really scared that it might show, but it didn't (thankfully). I am very happy that I ordered it. I can only recommend it.






I'm 15 years old and at that age it's bad to have something (especially if it's excessive sweat) that others don't have. When I buy clothes, I often have to pay attention to the material and can't buy what I like. That weighs on me a lot! But the laulas is a super alternative. It also doesn't bother you that you can see the sleeves a bit underneath make shirts. It has helped me a lot and I can highly recommend it!