FAQ laulas w/o sweat stains

We’re happy to answer your frequently asked questions here.

If you have further questions, please contact us at info@laulas.com.




Customs & taxes – Besides the shipping costs, do any other custom duties or taxes apply?
- Not in the EU, Switzerland or Lichtenstein. No further costs apply here.
- Outside of the European Union it is possible that countries may charge custom duties or taxes. These are charged to the customer and will be collected directly by local authorities (e.g. Postal office).

Shipping rates - How much does shipping cost?
- You will find a detailed overview of all our shipping costs on this page – Shipping rates

Shipping time - How fast will my order be delivered?
- Details to shipping times can be found here – Shipping times

Packaging - Is it possible to perceive the contents during shipment?
- No, we send your laulas T-shirt in completely neutral packaging with our company name gosspro GmbH. There is no indication of the contents.

Countries - Is laulas delivered to all countries?
- We ship laulas worldwide

Packstation - Can I have laulas delivered to a Packstation?
- Regrettably, deliveries to Packstations are not possible.


Exchange & Right of Return


Exchange - Is it possible to exchange a laulas product if it doesn’t fit properly?
- That’s not a problem. As long as you haven’t worn the laulas product for more than the fitting or washed it we will gladly exchange it for another size. Write a short mail to info@laulas.com and we will take care of it.

Return - If I don’t like a laulas producte, can I simply send it back?
- Of course. Return it within 30 days and we will take back your laulas product and refund your money- without any ifs and buts. You can find more details in our Terms and conditions.
In order to exercise your right to cancel, you have to inform us: shops-im-web - Gerhard Goss - Bahnhofstrasse 75 - CH - 8965 Berikon / by email: info@laulas.com
or phone +41 (0) 56 - 631 76 13  and provide a clear notice (e.g. email, posted mail) on your decision to cancel the contract.

The right size

Size selection- How do I find my size?
- In our Size charts you can find a detailed overview of all our measurements. TIP: Measure out you current favorite undershirt/ Polo Shirt/ casual Shirt and compare it to our Size charts. Then you’re sure to choose correctly.

Close fit - Does my laulas product have to fit snugly to my body?
- No, it is possible to wear your laulas product with 2-3 cm space between it and your underarms and it will still function properly.

Men’s size S too big - The men’s size S is too big for me. What do I do?
- Other customers in a similar situation have chosen to order the women’s size L.The difference lies in a deeper neckline and the extra 5% Elastan which gives the laulas product a snugger fit.


Use & Function

Washing - How should I wash my laulas product ?
- You can wash laulas products at 40°C which is sufficient with present-day detergents. To keep your laulas product in good condition please read our Washing instructions.

Repeated wear - Can I wear my laulas product repeatedly without washing it?
- This depends on your personal amount of sweat and body odor. Generally, you should wash your laulas product after wearing it for a day.

Absorption pads - Is it possible to wear laulas products without the absorption pads?
- Yes. Depending on the situation we sweat more or less. On days with “stressful situations” you should wear the absorption pads. On “normal” days laulas products can protect you from underarm perspiration without the absorption pads. Try it out, every situation is different.
- It is possible – depending on the amount of sweat and odor – to use the absorption pads for 2 days.

Sweat stains- Even though I am using laulas products I still have small sweat stains. What am I doing wrong?
- In cases of very, very large amounts of sweat on especially exhausting days, even laulas reaches its limit. Here you should:
1. with laulas standard: replace the absorbent pads (paper tissues are also possible, but not as efficient) during the day.
2. or switch to laulas EXTRME. These laulas have 2.5 times larger absorbent pads and last all day with almost all amounts of sweat.

Yellow stains - not all people produce yellow sweat stains. These appear on your clothes by various factors, not only by underarm sweating. Depending on the composition the main factors are secretion of sebum, ingredients from anti-transpirations, and your sweating composition. These components form yellow deposits in some people, which attach themselves to textiles and are intensified after each washing. 
laulas helps and protects your outer clothing from these yellow stains, but cannot avoid them because the reason is not the shirt.
Citric- and acetic acid does help against yellow stains, but cannot be used by laulas because the acid ruins the membrane fabric.
Tip: A new deodorant is often the reason for sudden appearance of yellow stains and greater odor. Maybe a new change of deodorant will help.

Gray discoloration - The fabric in the armpit has slightly discolored to gray. What am I doing wrong?

The fabric in your underarm area is membrane fabric. Membrane fabric takes on color easier than cotton fabric. If you have washed your laulas with colored laundry (one gray shirt is enough), the membrane fabric may darken or take on color. As a result your laulas may obtain a gray color in the armpit.

Tip: laulas should always only be washed in combination with white laundry.

Sweaty smell - Every person has an individual sweaty smell and smells more or less intensive.
Fresh sweat is odorless in the beginning. Only the processing by bacteria on our skin causes the development of sweaty smell. Food and luxury food/drink and tobacco as well as diseases may have further impacts on the development of sweaty smell. Intensified sweaty smell can result during puberty due to the hormonal changes, which nearly always subsides again after puberty. As the skin bacteria feel particularly well in humid-warm regions of our skin, sweaty smell develops mainly in the armpits and on the feet.

What can we do about it?
- These bacteria thrive even better on hairy parts of the body. Shaving the armpit hair helps to reduce the smell

- Try out different deodorants. There can be major differences in the way a deodorant has an effect on your personal sweaty smell. 
- Antiseptic soap (or also deodorants) makes life difficult for the responsible bacteria and blocks their growth
- Observe which foods cause you to develop especially strong smell and avoid these.

Less sweat - Is the amount of sweat reduced through laulas products?
- No, laulas does not want to prevent the natural amount of sweat. It has an important cooling function. Experience shows that when sweat stains disappear, so does your fear of them; therefore your sweating may be reduced. This is where your mind helps you. But this can vary widely, depending on the user.



Your security - are my advanced payments safe?
- Yes. As a Trusted Shop certified online store, orders up to 2500 Euro are insured for free.
You can insure yourself against the loss of your payment in the case of non-delivery or after returning the product up to amounts of CHF. – 4’000, regardless of your payment method. The insurance time is 30 days. The cost of protecting our customers is carried by the store! Trusted Shops employees will help you with possible problems with your online purchase.

Buying on account - Is it possible to order laulas products on account?
- Yes, we will send you an invoice with your delivery that you can pay within 14 days. We reserve the right to deny payment on account.

PayPal & Credit Cards - Is my credit card data safe?
- Yes, with our payment partner PayPal  & HSO your data is secured. It doesn’t matter if you use your credit card or your PayPal account. Our website is also secured with SSL.

Pay with Euro in Switzerland- Can I pay my laulas order with delivery to Switzerland in Euro?
-  We always ship exclusively in the respective local currency and to the prices of the delivery address. Therefore, you can only order in Euro if you specify a delivery address in a Euro country. We will then dispatch from our German shipment and not from our Swiss shipment.