Armpit sweat in love

Armpit sweat as a love killer?

Armpit sweat can be caused by stress

It's Saturday and you and your friends are going out again. You've been solo for a while - the right one just hasn't been there yet. Tonight is one of those evenings when you just want to have fun and drink a glass of beer or two.

But there she is: The woman you have been looking for for a long time. She stands there and smiles at you. You smile back - this could be the beginning of a new love! But there is a little thing standing in your way. All of a sudden you notice it: you start to sweat profusely. And not just a little. You can literally feel the underarm sweat flowing and the sweat patches getting bigger. You can't possibly talk to the woman like that. 

The help for underarm perspiration

is simple

People in general tend to "boil up" under stress and excitement. The pulse quickens, endorphins are released. All this is considered a terrible breeding ground for sweating. If someone is also naturally prone to underarm sweating, the love furnace is out pretty quickly.

The fear that the desired person might see the armpit sweat keeps you from making the first move pretty quickly. And even if it comes to the first contact. What should happen next? You can't hide your armpit sweat with clothes forever. 

Let's stay with the first step:

If you know you are prone to underarm sweat, take precautions!

This is where laulas can be your saviour in need! Simply choose one of our functional vests or functional polo shirts. Place the laulas absorbent pads (or paper handkerchiefs) in the integrated inner pockets of your armpits. The pad absorbs the sweat and holds it back.

In case some of the underarm perspiration escapes the absorbent pad, we have also built in a liquid barrier (membrane) around the underarm area

Customer feedback


Dear Mr Goss

I would like to tell you about my first experience with your product. First, I tested your vest under a long-sleeved shirt. I was thrilled! Not a trace of sweat was noticeable on the shirt. Even the vest stayed amazingly dry in the armpit area and only the handkerchiefs were really wet with sweat. The membrane really seems to do a good job - a brilliant idea! Congratulations and thank you at the same time!

I completed the supreme discipline of all vest tests last night at a party by wearing a skin-tight long-sleeved shirt over your vest, which is really tight under the armpits. I have to say I was very surprised by the result! I honestly didn't think that the vest would manage to ensure long-lasting dryness of my long-sleeved shirt. But I was proved wrong! Except for wet handkerchiefs, everything was dry!

So I can only fully recommend your vests and thank you for a piece of regained freedom and more self-confidence in dealing with sweat attacks!