Underarm sweat affects your love life

Does underarm sweat kill your chances at love?

laulas helps your love life - without sweat stains

It’s Saturday evening and you and your friends are going out again to the bars and clubs, just someplace. You’ve been single for a while – you’ve just not met the right person yet. Tonight is one of those evenings to have some fun and drink a glass or two of beer.
There she is: The woman of your dreams. She’s standing there and smiling in your direction. You smile back... This could be the beginning of a new love, but you have this little problem. Suddenly you notice it: You’re starting to sweat. And not just a little, you can literally feel it running and your sweat stains growing. You can’t possibly introduce yourself like this.

Underarm sweat can be a result of stress

Humans in general tend to “heat up” under stress and excitement: your pulse rate goes up and endorphins are released. These are ideal conditions for perspiring. If you add an innate tendency to sweat, your chances at love are quickly gone. The fear that your dream partner could see your underarm sweat generally keeps you from taking the first step. And even if you make contact, what will you do in the future? You can’t hide your underarm sweat forever.

The solution to underarm sweat is easy!

Let’s start at the first step: If you know you tend to have underarm sweat, you can be prepared.

This is where laulas® can help! Simply choose one of our functional undershirts or functional polo shirts. You then put the laulas® absorbent pad (or tissues) into the integrated pockets under your arms. The pads will absorb your sweat and keep it from showing. And in case some sweat should escape the tissues, we’ve built in a membrane around your underarms that won’t let any fluids pass.

laulas axillary pockets for absorbent pads
laulas absorbent pads against underarm sweat

Dear Mr. Goss,
I’d like to describe my first experience with your product here.

First I tested your undershirt under a long-sleeved shirt. I was ecstatic! There wasn’t the slightest sign of sweat on my shirt. Even the undershirt was pretty dry around my armpit and only the tissues were really wet. The membrane seems to work well – what a great idea! I’m congratulating and thanking you at the same time! [...]

I partook in the most difficult of all undershirt tests yesterday evening, in which I wore a skin-tight long-sleeved shirt over your undershirt, which fits really close at my underarms. I have to say, I was amazed at the result! To be honest, I didn’t expect the undershirt to be able to keep my long-sleeved shirt dry for long. But I learned otherwise!! Except for the wet tissues, everything stayed dry!

Therefore, I can only highly recommend your undershirts and thank you for giving me back a piece of freedom and more self-confidence when I have to deal with sweat attacks!!

I hope you have a restful Sunday,


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