no more sweat stains

No more sweat stains!
Free yourself from the stress of underarm sweat!

The laulas® solution to excessive underarm sweat is simple:

  • the laulas® functional shirt absorbs all the sweat
  • an integrated membrane around the underarm makes sure that the sweat is diverted
  • the absorption pads in the integrated pockets absorb the sweat


What seems so simple, works – and it does it thoroughly and reliably: the laulas® functional shirt.


Sweat doesn’t have a chance this way. Say good-bye to your sweat stains!
Customers in more than 30 countries have already solved their problem with excessive sweating thanks to laulas®.
You, too, can use this simple and mild method against underarm sweat – without any intervention in your body!

Enjoy life and feel carefree again with laulas® functional shirts.

laulas Schweiss shirt gegen Achselschweiss

This is what our customers are saying:

You gain new self-confidence thanks to your stain-free underarms.

You can wear bright colors again, aren’t afraid anymore and don’t have to be ashamed of your ugly sweat stains any longer.

You feel more secure and already sweat less for just that reason. Since your nightmare underarm sweat is over, you enjoy a new quality of life.

Free yourself from excessive underarm sweat!

You can buy the laulas® functional shirt risk-free – thanks to our money-back-guarantee.

Order today and enjoy a new quality of life in only a few days. Dark sweat stains under your arms belong to the past now. You can lift your arms without fear again.

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