Underarm perspiration

The solution against underarm perspiration

without interfering with your body

Put an end to your stress caused by underarm sweating. Heavy sweating is now over. The laulas® solution against excessive underarm perspiration is that simple:

  • The laulas® functional shirt absorbs all sweat
  • A sewn-in membrane in the underarm area ensures that the sweat is wicked away
  • In addition, absorbent pads in sewn-in pockets absorb the sweat

What works so simply - and thoroughly and reliably: The laulas® functional shirt! Sweat has no chance anymore!

You can purchase the laulas® functional shirt risk-free, thanks to the money-back guarantee. Order today and enjoy a whole new attitude to life in just a few days. Dark sweat stains under your arms are a thing of the past. You will once again lift your arms without fear, and show your armpits without hesitation. Put an end to hyperhidrosis.

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My solution for underarm sweat for you too

Let it run, don't prevent it!

The functional undershirt for men and women - successful in 30 countries

The shirt that...

  • ... allows you to let your armpit sweat run and nobody sees it
  • ... gives you new freedom - without sweat stains
  • ... already takes away your fear of sweating just by wearing it, and thus reduces sweating alone

The result:

  • No interference with your body - neither from the outside nor from the inside.
  • No more white sweat marks under your arms
  • No more yellowed shirts and blouses due to sweat
  • No more fear of lifting your arms
  • No more regretful or indignant looks

Underarm sweat at work

Unpleasant sweat stains in everyday working life

For many people, sweating is a big problem and challenge in everyday working life.

The laulas® functional shirt helps in everyday working life without interfering with the body. So that you too can lift your arms uninhibitedly again! In the meeting, in the conversation with customers, at the lecture, etc.?

You are not alone!  Get back your self-confidence without sweat stains!

Customers in already 30 countries could solve their problem with excessive sweating thanks to laulas®. You too can use this simple and gentle remedy for underarm sweating - without interfering with your body, without Botox. Feel free and carefree again with the laulas® functional shirt.

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Underarm sweat during puberty

Heavy sweating - no problem

Armpit sweat accompanies many boys and girls already in puberty. Especially in this stage of life they want to feel good in their body and be attractive.

laulas® offers an alternative without interfering with the changing body.

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Armpit sweat in love

Armpit sweat as a love killer?

The pulse goes faster and endorphins are released. You start to sweat and the courage leaves you. This is precisely where underarm sweat is a love killer.

Here laulas® can be your savior in need!

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Sweating Knowledge

For your support

The inventor of laulas has been sweating himself since he was 16 years old. That's how laulas came into being back then. In addition, the inventor has acquired a lot of knowledge, which he would like to pass on to you. Read here everything about sweating and get tips on how to deal with it.

Sweating Knowledge