Sweating at work

Underarm perspiration and the resulting sweat stains are a major problem for many people in their everyday working lives. Social exclusion and career obstacles are only 2 consequences. 



laula's functional vest helps here immediately and without interfering with the body. So that you can lift your arms again without worrying. In a meeting, during a presentation, in a conversation with your boss....

Often, too often, I have experienced that my presentation, my proposals, my arguments never quite got through to my listeners. My big sweat stains in my armpits distracted me and my listeners too much.

"Is he scared, is he overwhelmed, did he not believe what he was saying..." 
I'm sure many thought so. No, I firmly believed in what I was saying and was not afraid at all. But the sweat was running anyway - even without being overwhelmed.

This is how it is for approx. 

1,600,000 Germans
1,300,000 French people
1,200,000 Italians
   160,000 Swiss...

We hear this again and again from our clients. Whether from the (here is a picture of the profession for each)

- policeman in his light brown shirt
- the bus driver in his blue shirt
- the waitress in her pink blouse Blouse
- the personnel manager welcoming you to your job interview
- the team in the health service
- ....

We sufferers sweat very little at home. There, we don't have any sweat stains from excessive underarm sweating. But when we go outside, our underarm sweat flows.

This starts in puberty and accompanies many of us through our professional lives. 

Do you have any questions? I'm happy to answer them. The topic of underarm perspiration and the resulting sweat stains has been with me for 30 years. I am happy to pass on my experience from these 30 years and countless discussions with our customers on this subject. 
Write to me at gerhard.goss@laulas.com  
I will be happy to help you with my experience.

Gerhard Goss
Inventor of laulas