Washing instructions

laulas functional vest, T-shirt and polo shirts

Washing instructions

For optimal cleaning, wash the laulas functional vest only up to 40℃. Additional treatments and higher temperatures destroy the membrane fabric!

Attention with coloured items:
The fabric in your underarm area is membrane fabric. This membrane fabric takes on colour more easily than cotton fabric. If you have washed your laulas with coloured laundry (a grey shirt is sufficient), the membrane fabric can darken or take on colour. This can give your laulas a grey discolouration in the armpit. 

Tip: Wash laulas only with white laundry.

sureshorts functional pants for incontinence

Washing instructions

For optimal cleaning, wash the sureshorts only up to 40 degrees. 

The "delicate" fabric in the sureshorts incontinence pants is the membrane fabric. This will protect you for a very long time. However, additional treatments and higher temperatures will reduce its lifespan. 

laulas socks for foot sweat

Washing instructions

Wash your laulas socks at 30 degrees. This is absolutely sufficient and ensures that the anti-odour effect of the incorporated silver threads lasts for a long time.

Depending on the strength of your perspiration odour, you can wear your laulas socks for 2 days

We recommend a gentle wash cycle for your laulas socks, i.e. no spin cycle. Please do not use aggressive detergents such as disinfectants, chlorinated detergents or fabric softeners. This is not necessary for your laulas socks.