Usage & Size Charts & Laundry Instructions

laulas® functional undershirts and polo shirts are characterized by high quality combined with high functionality.

New: Made with Coolmax® - a water-attracting mesh which ensures that the sweat is quickly transported to the underarm pockets.

Only laulas® provides you with integrated underarm pockets in which you can insert either normal paper tissues or the laulas® absorbent pads made with superabsorber. These continuously absorb your underarm sweat, prevent visible sweat stains and reduce the feeling of dampness.

The swisscotton shirt is a natural barrier and adds an extra layer of protection.

An applied membrane prevents fluids from leaking and thus protects your clothing.
By working together with our customers we have been able to further improve comfort and performance. New high-tech materials, new cutting techniques, less seams and the newest production methods are making the functional section thinner and more secure. Innovation made in Switzerland.


  • Insert a laulas® absorbent pad or 1-2 paper tissues into each pocket in the shirt – fasten the Velcro – done.
  • On especially “hot” days it is of course possible to change the absorbent pads as often as you want.
  • The amount of underarm sweat determines the amount of absorbent pads.

Please keep in mind:

This solution does not prevent the odor caused by body sweat, though it is partially reduced by the laulas® absorbent pads.
It is still necessary to use deodorant. However, you can now switch to using a skin-friendly deodorant.
When wearing very light-colored and see-through clothing the integrated membrane will be partially visible. You should therefore take care that your clothes are not too see-through when wearing the shirt.

laulas® offers you 4 levels of protection:

laulas - 4-facher Schutz

1. Coolmax® mesh fabric

Coolmax® is a registered trademark belonging to the company ADVENSA. The fibers have a 25% larger surface area through which body sweat is removed much quicker and more efficiently. The properties of these fibers – similar to capillaries – lead to a wick-effect by which the dampness is effectively extracted.

Thus the Coolmax® mesh ensures that perspiration is quickly transported to the absorbent pads.

2. Underarm pockets & absorbent pads

You will find that only lauas® products have a very thin pocket integrated in the underarm area of the shirt. The pockets are meant for laulas® absorbent pads or 1-2 normal paper tissues. The absorbent pads or tissues continuously absorb any underarm sweat and so prevent it from reaching your outer garments and becoming visible as a big sweat stain.

laulas® absorption pads are significantly more comfortable and have a much higher performance than paper tissues:

  • high absorptive capacity through super-absorbing fibers
  • very thin
  • encloses your underarm sweat
  • reduces the dampness under your arms
  • reduces the odor
  • skin-friendly
  • dermatologically harmless
  • hypoallergenic
  • perfume-free
  • easy to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way
A tip from a laulas customer: Use tissues with a menthol scent. This will add a pleasant fragrance.
My advice: Paper tissues cannot capture sweat and odors properly, though they are an alternative. Personally, I have had the driest results with tissues made by Tempo. Obviously the laulas absorbent pads absorb more sweat and enclose it.
laulas Achselpads gegen Achselschweiss

3. Swisscotton®

swiss made

The cotton is comfortable to wear and acts as a natural barrier.

laulas® functional undershirts are produced in a traditional Swiss company

  • made from 100% cotton with the Oeko-Tex standard 100 (the materials are free of harmful substances and are produced in environmentally friendly factories)
  • all materials are tested for harmful substances
  • Made from 100% swisscotton (the ladies shirts are made with 5% Lycra)

laulas® functional polo-shirts are produced in a German company

4. Fluid barrier:

laulas Achseltaschen gegen Achselschweiss für Saugeinlagen
For the unlikely event that some sweat should escape the absorption pads we have integrated an additional barrier (membrane).
This bionic breathable membrane will not let a single drop of sweat pass. It is applied thinly onto the swisscotton around your underarms.
On days with little sweat the absorptive capacity of the cotton shirt combined with the membrane can suffice and you could have no need of additional absorbent pads.

Additional advantages

Not only will your shirts be dry, but they will also be protected from stains made by sweat or deodorant. You will not need a spot remover any more and will go easy on your outer clothing – while saving money!

We would be glad if laulas could give you back some quality of life soon: Test it now - risk-free!