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My solution to underarm perspiration is also available to you

Go ahead and sweat - don’t try to prevent it!

After 2 years of development the laulas® sweat t-shirt was finally ready.

functional undershirt against underarm sweat
With every possible (and impossible) method out there I tried to just let the sweat run. Though only as far as the undershirt and without sweat stains.

In 2003 the prototype was finally ready and I started a new life.

To be able to wear blue shirts, raise my arms, simply take off my jacket if it's warm in the room…

It took a while until the final product was ready…

And now the laulas® sweat t-shirt is available to you, too!

The functional undershirt for men and women – successful in 30 countries

  • The shirt that makes it possible to simply let your underarm sweat run, without anybody noticing
  • The shirt that makes everything possible for you again – without sweat stains
  • The shirt that takes away your fear of sweating simply because you wear it ... what let's you perspire less due to the reduced stress
  • It takes only 2 minutes a day
functional shirt against sweating

The result:

  • No interventions in your body, internally or externally.
  • No more white perspiration marks under your arms.
  • No more shirts and blouses that have been yellowed by sweat.
  • No more fear of raising your arms.
  • No more pitying or indignant looks.
Poloshirt against Hyperhidrosis

Also available as a polo shirt

  • the function that has proven itself thousands of times, directly integrated into the polo shirt
  • perfect for summer days but also for work
  • high quality combined with high functionality
  • current styles

The laulas® absorption pads – developed for your comfort

laulas absobant pads for sweat shirt
  • high capacity for absorption
  • very thin
  • encloses your underarm perspiration
  • reduces the dampness under your arms
  • reduces the odor
  • skin-friendly
  • dermatologically harmless
  • hypoallergenic
  • perfume-free
  • easy to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way
To this day, I have not been able to find the cause of my hyperhidrosis. I keep on searching for it because the origin of the problem is not resolved by the laulas®functional undershirt. However, I can search in a more relaxed manner, as laulas® has solved the problem externally. Nobody can see it anymore.

So, my dear fellow sufferers: let it flow...