Men‘s round neck functional undershirt laulas [[EXTREME]] - against underarm sweating

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laulas EXTREME - for the very sweaty days and situations
Functional undershirt for the prevention of sweat stains in your armpits/h4>

laulas EXTREME was developed for very large amounts of sweat. Particularly large absorbent pads enclose particularly large amounts of sweat

The laulas® undershirt retains the excessive sweat in your inner armpits and an additional barrier made of membrane fabric provides armpits without sweat stains – even in the case of extremely  strong sweating

  • Naturally prevents sweat stains from excessive underarm sweat – without intervention in your body!
  • Inner armpit made of waterproof and breathable membrane fabric
  • Integrated armpit pocket for absorbent pads inside (retain the sweat) 
  • the armpit pocket absorbent pads also absorb very large amounts of sweat and partially enclose odor
    (every first order is accompanied with an absorbent pas sample packet)
  • Men: 100 % cotton made of Swiss cotton with the Oekotex Standard 100
        Scope of protection 1 membrane    83 % polyamide, 15 % polyurethane; 2 % elasthane
        Scope of protection 2 mesh fabric    100 % polyester
  • Women: Shirt 95 % cotton Swiss cotton & 5 % elastane with the Oekotex Standard 100
        Scope of protection 1 membrane    83 % polyamide, 15 % polyurethane; 2 % elasthane
        Scope of protection 2 mesh fabric    100 % polyester
  • Made of material tested for harmful substances
  • Made in Switzerland

The new laulas® offers 4 levels of security:

laulas - so funktioniert das Schweiss-Shirt
  1. Coolmax® - a water-attracting mesh fabric provides the quick transport of sweat into the armpit pocket.
  2. Armpit pocket with absorbent pad – the new laulas® absorbent pads with super absorber threads retain the sweat safely.
  3. Swiss cotton® cotton - provides pleasant wearing comfort and is a natural barrier.
  4. Bionic Climate membrane – the applied liquid barrier prevents fluid from leaking to the outside and therefore protects your clothing.

Simple use of the absorbent pads with a perfect fit:

  • Place the laulas absorbent pad with the hole facing upwards into the armpit pocket of the inside of your laulas functional undershirt
  • Position the hole of the absorbent pad at the end of the Velcro fastener. Close.

The velcro fastener keeps the absorbent pad in its position. Perfect fit without slipping.

Compared to the normal laulas,laulas EXTREME has larger armpit pockets for much larger absorbent pads, which absorb 2.5 times more amounts of sweat – without reducing the wearing comfort.

laulas - Anleitung Saugeinlage

laulas® gives back a small piece of quality of life to thousands of customers in 30 countries.

  • dry armpits thanks to special absorbent pads
  • feel secure again without sweat stains
  • wear bright colors again
  • lift your arms without fear again
  • protects your outer clothing from yellowing and deodorant stains
  • very flat seams due to Flatlook-processing